It is with great gratitude and honor that I write this testimonial for Sabra Diogioes-Waddy and Splendid Affairs, Inc. I have known and worked with Sabra for 10 years. It has always been priority for me to surround myself with a team of professionals that I know I can count on to support my mission, and my vision, and Sabra, has never let me down. In my current position as COO of Niurka Inc., a company who offers multi-city and multi-state transformational courses, seminars and workshops, it was important that I streamline the difficult and timely task of the booking process. After communicating my desire to Sabra, the Splendid Affairs Team delivered a thorough Venue Research Project for our organization that exceeded any expectations that I had.

Splendid Affairs has delivered stellar service in all areas of event planning, implementation and successful achievement. And Sabra’s ability to negotiate venue and vendor contracts is extremely professional and she brings something to the table that no other service I have known is willing to bring, and that is a 100% commitment to her clients’ success, no matter what it takes, and always with authenticity.

With Sabra and Splendid Affairs on my team, I know that Niurka Inc. will always produce a successful event!

Linda Ferrari, COO, Niurka, Inc., Dana Point, CA